Lost in My 20's

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Well...it's been a while.

Since we last spoke there has been A LOT of change in my life. I moved to London, got a new job, turned 21, passed my driving test, visited New York, Ibiza, Barcelona and Malaga, both my parents got new jobs, we got an extension built on our house, I made new friends, I got a tattoo, I got a boyfriend...lots has happened.

I guess you could say i'm becoming an adult, officially. Which led me to this blog post. Adult. It's a word thats always had mixed feelings for me. Growing up I was never excited about getting older. I remember friends who couldn't wait to turn 18, the prospect of freedom. For me, I was scared. The thought of being an adult and having to get a full time job, pay bills, drive, do my own washing, cook my own meals, become independent...as silly as it may sound, it all seemed impossible to me. Surely I couldn't do that. But here I am, 3 years later and a very different person indeed.

And then it got me thinking, being 21 feels a very confusing time. I think about my future and there are so many question marks. What career path do I want? Do I want to go travelling? Do I want to work and live abroad? How much money do I need to save if I want to move out? Who should I vote for in the general election? Should I have gone to university? Do I want to study? What do I support? What don't I support? Who am I as a person? What do I believe in? Like I said...there's a lot of questions.

Im not sure where I was going with this blog post, I guess its more of a collection of my late night thoughts than a typical post you might read on here. Its currently 1:02am and I start work in less than 7 hours, wish me luck. But its something I felt I had to get off my chest, and I hope that in writing this someone else feels the same way that I do. We're at a time in our lives where everything is changing and its easy to feel lost. But I am trying to trust the change and hope that somewhere in the storm I manage to land on my feet.

With love,
Chloe x

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